February 29, 2016
Best read ever

Have your read the “Richest Man In Babylon?” If you haven’t yet, then do yourself a favor.

It changed my whole outlook on money once I read this.

Get it here


February 16, 2016
Tree Felling

Do you believe in the importance of planet preservation?

Well I do… So I thought o give you a quick shout out to those who also labor alongside us, and a quick reminder video… (more…)

January 21, 2016
Great Book

Have you heard about the 4 Hour work week book by Tim Ferris? This book inspired me in so many ways I had to read it a few times. It shook up something in me so that I can start dreaming beyond 9-5 constraints.

It took some time to implement things – but eventually it started happening. Take a read, I hope it will inspire you too!!


January 20, 2016

Have you ever had people do you a service and once they left, you think to yourself that you can relate to how they do things? Good service makes you feel good and everyone wants to feel good like that.

Whenever I come across someone who serves me like that, I always feel better afterwards. This time, I give a huge shout-out to the guys at this Baltimore tree company, they did an outstanding job when we needed them the most – in the middle of the night – and they couldn’t have been bothered. For them, it seemed like attending to a customer and making sure we were fine, was their reason for existence. (more…)


Since we’ve discussed it before, here is a sweet reminder in song!

Thank you Casting Crowns – You are the Best!


January 15, 2016
Making the Jump

Pros and cons of starting up your own business

One of the many goals of people in life is to have more money to achieve their other goals. Some of these other goals include travelling, building their own houses and the likes. But how can we achieve all of these goals without money? And how can we earn money for these dreams? Is it enough for us to just be an employee and work for the business owners? Or should we build up our own business and be our own boss? Based on my researched from different entrepreneurs here are the pros and cons of putting up our own business.


January 13, 2016
Good book

I recently read this book that really helped me understand the ins and outs of the world we live in. We need to know where things are going and make the necessary effort to prepare for it.

When you read this book, you will learn about our future on the internet and where that is going. It tells you about the developments that are taking place and how they will affect our daily lives. This is something that we do not often hear of, and when we do, the news is isolated. (more…)

January 10, 2016
The American Dream

What happened to the American Dream?

Everyone has their own dreams, to own a house, to travel the world or to land in their dream job, even I have my own dream about achieving these dreams, I work hard and put in all the effort needed to make it come true. Yes, I believe that all people have different dreams, but there will always be that one dream common among us Americans and that is the ‘American Dream’. This dream has been alive to a lot of Americans for really a long time. But what happened to this dream? Is it still alive or have it fallen asleep in the hopes that someone will wake it up again?


January 4, 2016

In the United States, there are already a lot of people and most of them are not Native Americans. I am even someone who was born and raised in another country but is currently living in the United States. The United States was once called the salad bowl of the world. This is because the salad has many different ingredients and just like the salad, there are already a lot of different people in the United States who came from different places with different cultures and religions. Considering this, the question now is that are there more or less of the different religions in the United States now compared to before?

There are many religions in the world, with our prime example of Christianity. It has a lot of many versions like the Catholics, the Protestants, the Evangelicals, and more. They all believe in God and in Jesus Christ as the Son, but with a lot of differences in the detail – enough to cause a lot of fighting and even wars. Another common religion is Islam, a religion who calls its believers Muslims. They believe in Allah as their god and Muhammad as their prophet. (more…)

January 1, 2016
Tree Felling

We recently had to make use of a company that removes trees. I love their service and I think it is a great idea for our wider society to support as many good and proper local services as possible. They are often hard to find, but when we find them, we should promote them to one another.

My latest one is a company that did our tree felling. They were awesome and once they were done, there was nothing to be seen of a tree that once stood there.